Top 5 batsmen fastest to score 3000 runs in IPLTop 5 batsmen fastest to score 3000 runs in IPL

Top 5 batsmen fastest to score 3000 runs in IPL

The IPL’s fastest batter to reach three thousand runs is Chris Gayle.

It is considerably harder for the players to succeed in the Indian Premier League (IPL), which is arguably the world’s most competitive franchise competition. However, some athletes like to play when the stage is challenging. While several well-known cricket players have participated in the IPL over the years, very few have amassed 3000 runs or more. Remarkably, just 23 cricket players have amassed over 3,000 runs in the competition thus far.

Although he is not one of the fastest batters to achieve the 3000-run threshold, Virat Kohli has scored the most runs in the history of the league. The top five players to achieve three thousand runs in IPL history will be discussed in this article. Just two athletes from India are among the top five. So let’s investigate it here Top 5 batsmen fastest to score 3000 runs in IPL

Here are the Top 5 batsmen fastest to score 3000 runs in IPL

1. Chris Gayle – 75 Innings

Chris Gayle fatest century in ipl

There are not many batters who can come close to what Chris Gayle has achieved in T20 cricket. Whether it is the IPL, T20Is, or any tournament, Gayle has been a brute force to reckon with. He is the fastest to reach 3000 IPL runs and took only 75 innings to do so. Gayle played 142 matches and scored 4965 runs at 39.72 with a strike rate of 148.92. He has also scored six centuries and 31 half-centuries, with a best of 175 not out.

2. KL Rahul – 80 Innings

KL Rahul LSG Player IPL 2024
KL Rahul LSG Player IPL 2024

KL Rahul debuted in 2013 and has since played for four different teams. But since 2017, Rahul has led the IPL in scoring. He is the first batter to have scored 600 or more runs in a season four times. He is the fastest Indian batsman on this list, having scored three thousand runs in eighty innings. One of the quickest players to reach 4,000 IPL runs is Rahul.

3. Jos Buttler – 85 Innings

Jos Buttler 100 Celebration vs RCB IPL Match 2024

One of the top players in the game’s shortest version is English opener Jos Buttler. Having made his IPL debut in 2016, he is also one of the biggest names in the league. Four of Buttler’s six IPL centuries came in 2022. Buttler is the third-fastest player to ever attain the fear, having scored 3000 runs in 85 innings. 3366 runs have been scored by him thus far at a strike rate of 147.50.

4. Shubman Gill – 94 innings

Shubman Gill GT Captain IPL 2024
Shubman Gill GT Captain IPL 2024 : Pic Credit Google

Shubman In the early going of his career, Gill has already had success on the international and IPL stages. His IPL career is off to a tremendous start for him. Gill debuted in 2018 and is still going strong to this day. He needed 94 innings to reach 3000 runs. In his career, Gill has also amassed 3 centuries and 19 half-centuries.

5. David Warner – 94 innings

David Warner

David Warner boasts impressive stats in all three categories and is one of the greatest performers of the contemporary age. In a same vein, his IPL career has been amazing. After completing 94 innings, he became the seventh fastest player to reach the 3000 run mark. Warner currently has 6545 runs scored.


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