Mumbai Indians JerseyMumbai Indians Jersey

Sport and style converge in an unprecedented manner as the Mumbai Indians and Skechers unveil the jersey for the 2024 season, crafted by the renowned designer Monisha Jaising. The jersey epitomizes the unbreakable connection between the team and its fervent fanbase, known as the ‘Paltan’, while embodying Mumbai Indians’ pride and the spirit of Mumbai itself. The complete collection, including the official Men’s Match jersey 2024 and the official Men’s Replica jersey 2024, among other offerings, is now available on the MI Shop.

Inspired by the vibrant hues of Mumbai Indians’ signature blue and gold, Jaising’s design symbolizes unwavering commitment and loyalty. The design incorporates the initial ‘M’ arranged in a grid format on an art deco pattern, featuring a play of thin and thick lines in shades of royal blue, representing precision and cleanliness. Royal blue signifies confidence and strength, while imperial blue evokes empathy and dependability—emotions synonymous with both the Mumbai Indians and their fans. A touch of gold accentuates the design, drawing energy and power from the sun through a racing graphic along the jersey’s sides, emphasizing the champion player’s formidable torso.

Commenting on the unveiling, a Mumbai Indians spokesperson remarked, “As our players don the iconic blue and gold jersey colors, they carry with them the hopes and dreams of our MI Paltan, fueled by the spirit of ‘Mumbai Meri Jaan’. The jersey is a badge of honor, a symbol of pride for all who wear it, as they express their love for the team while carrying a piece of its illustrious legacy with them.”

Designer Monisha Jaising expressed, “The spirit of Mumbai & MI has always been a force to be reckoned with, and it lies in the relentless energy, diversity, undying optimism, the heart and the hard work that drives its favorite team and fans. It is this very essence that I have tried to capture in the design, inspiring both players and fans, knowing that they carry with them the heart of Mumbai and Mumbai Indians.”

The MI Paltan, Mumbai Indian’s fan army, will have the chance to cheer for their team from their fortress: The Wankhede Stadium. Coinciding with the jersey launch, MI has introduced its membership packages, catering to fans of all ages with multiple tiers. Memberships start at Rs. 2199 for Gold, Rs. 699 for Silver, and Rs. 699 for the Junior package. Members will enjoy early access to home match tickets, exclusive discounts on merchandise, access to events, and special content from the MI family.

Source: Mumbai Indian official page.

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