Top 10 Best Fielder in Cricket HistoryTop 10 Best Fielder in Cricket History

Top 10 Best Fielder in Cricket History

The unsung heroes of cricket are the fielders; they are dependable and constantly give their all. They put everything on the line, making incredible catches, producing unbelievable runouts, keeping the hitters from stealing sly singles and doubles, and generally being incredibly effective on the pitch. They are essential to the team’s success because of their commitment and effectiveness on the pitch. Certain field players have distinguished themselves from the others throughout cricket history by displaying exceptional skill and raising the bar for perfection.


Top 10 Best Fielder in Cricket History:

AB de Villiers: South Africa

On the pitch, AB de Villiers was incredibly adaptable. He was once a wicketkeeper, but he changed careers to become a fielder full-time, always impressing spectators with his on-field exploits. He had incredible speed, intensity, and quick reactions. AB is among the greatest on this list because of his ability to execute, complete catches with ease, and get speedy run-outs.


Paul Collingwood: England


The best quality Paul Collingwood had as captain of the England cricket team was his fielding, not his hitting or bowling. He is regarded as one of the greatest fielders in global history in addition to cricket history. Throughout his career, he was known for having excellent hands and quick reflexes, and his fielding was always above average.


Suresh Raina: India 

For his extraordinary energy and excitement on the pitch, Suresh Raina is considered by many as one of the greatest fielders in cricket history. When it came to diving to stop the ball or going all in on challenging receptions, Raina never hesitated to support his teammates. Left-hander Raina’s aggressive batting and occasional off-spin bowling were a great complement to his fielding. He was an outstanding player for both the Indian Cricket Team and the Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League because of his potent shots that could clear the pitch and his fierce presence in the inner circle.


Jonty Rhodes: South Africa

Without a doubt, the best fielder in cricket history is Jonty Rhodes. He was renowned for his speed and could cover ground with amazing agility, shooting across the pitch like a rocket. It’s widely acknowledged by experts that Rhodes essentially created fielding. He was an excellent fielder because of his innate talent and unwavering drive. Rhodes was an important member of the South African team. He frequently fielded at the backward point position, where he looked effortless on amazing catches and runouts.


Ravindra Jadeja: India

Without a doubt, one of the greatest fielders in Indian Cricket Team history is Ravindra Jadeja. Jadeja is renowned for his exceptional skill of hitting the stumps straight out of the deep and for seldom missing catches. His ability to shoot the leather ball at pinpoint accuracy and at bullet speed towards the stumps is improved by his powerful left arm. Jadeja has the safest hands when fielding in the deep and almost ever drops a catch. It is nearly impossible for the ball to go past him while he is in the cover point area. In addition to his exceptional fielding, Jadeja is currently among the top all-around players in the world of cricket. He can bowl excellent left-arm spin and bat well as a lower order batsman.


Keiron Pollard: West indies

Among the all-time great fielders in cricket history is Kieron Pollard. He has made several incredible catches that would appear unattainable for any other player. He may be heavy-set, but he has amazing jumping ability and can take flying catches. During the 2014 Indian Premier League, he made one of his most remarkable catches when he caught the ball very near the boundary rope, put it back inside the boundary, and then returned to finish the catch with a diving catch. Among the most dramatic moments in IPL history, it was. He is not only among the world’s best fielders but also among the best finishing batsmen in cricket history.


Virat Kohli: India

Across all game formats, Virat Kohli is the best cricket player of the contemporary age. He has unmatched batting records in T20Is, ODIs, and Tests. In addition, he is on track to surpass Sachin Tendulkar’s record for the most runs in cricket history and presently owns the record for the most centuries in One-Day International cricket. However, his intensity in the field propels him to the top of the list of cricket’s best fielders. It is he who has changed the perception of how important fitness is in cricket. He has amazing ground fielding skills, following every ball, making amazing catches, and precisely fielding balls from a distance to force runouts. The finest aspect is that he is the one who motivates everyone on the pitch and serves as a real motivator for any player that plays with him to perform better. 


Steve Smith: Australia

Without a question, one of the best batsmen of all time is Steve Smith. However, his fielding skills are as impressive. With lightning-fast reactions, he performs best when positioned at the slips. Steve Smith is such a terrific fielder that if you’ve edged one behind and he’s in the slips, you’d be better off walking without even checking to see if he’s grasped onto the catch. Putting on blinkers and clinging to the simple ones, he will make every catch appear incredibly simple.


Faf du Plessis: South Africa

In the ODI and T20 cricket formats, Faf du Plessis is among the world’s finest fielders. He has an uncanny ability to read the game and judge the ball’s trajectory and route. He performs best in the mid-on, mid-off fielding positions. He gives it his all every time he’s on the pitch, never holding back either making a deep dive to finish a catch or sprinting behind to take a challenging one. He is a very skilled batsman and captain in addition to being one of the top fielders in cricket, qualities that have helped the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL in recent years.



Ricky Ponting: Australia


Ricky Ponting is regarded as one of the greatest fielders in cricket history because of his safe catching, powerful arm, and amazing accuracy. He has ran out more batsmen than virtually anybody else. On the pitch, he was incredibly skilled and athletic. Ponting could always be relied upon to aim crisply at the stumps and make impossible catches look simple. Furthermore, Ponting is considered as one of the three greatest batters of all time. One of the greatest players in cricket history, he guided Australia to two World Cup titles as captain.


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