Ms Dhoni 110 Miter Six

A 110-meter six that hits the ground very seldom ends up being detrimental to the batting side. However, in Bengaluru’s Chinnaswamy Stadium on Saturday, MS Dhoni and the Chennai Super Kings experienced just that when the great blasted left-arm bowler Yash Dayal for a huge six in the opening delivery of the final over.

Ms Dhoni 110 Miter Six

The ball needed to be replaced because it was lost. Dayal received a drier ball, and hitting became challenging all of a sudden,” a top CSK official told TOI. In other words, Dhoni was unable to get the crucial second six of the over and keep his pledge to his supporters to play his final IPL game in Chepauk.
The 42-year-old was among the first people to depart the city for Ranchi on Sunday morning, having been crushed by the tragedy. However, there is still hope inside the CSK camp that Dhoni’s defeat to Royal Challengers Bengaluru on Saturday was not his final one.


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