IPL Purple Cap Winners List: From 2008 to 2024:

Over the course of the IPL’s 16-year existence, batsmen have largely dominated the competition, and even the fans hold them in high regard. Because of the nature of T20 cricket, bowlers’ services have generally gone unappreciated. History demonstrates that a potent bowling lineup has consistently been a key component of a championship-winning team during every league season. In this blog you will know the all IPL Purple Cap Winners List: From 2008 to 2024.

Whether it’s bowlers like Rashid Khan, Yuzvendra Chahal, Amit Mishra, Ravi Ashwin, and Imran Tahir cutting down on the amount of runs scored in the middle overs, or bowlers like Umesh Yadav, Mohammad Shami, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, and Trent Boult demolishing a batting lineup’s top order, or bowlers like Jasprit Bumrah, Lasith Malinga, and Dwayne Bravo bowling a clinical death over spell.

In addition, to recognize the top bowlers, the bowler who finishes the IPL season with the most wickets receives the IPL Purple Cap Award, which is awarded after the finals, much like the Orange Cap goes to the batsman who scores the most runs.

Let’s honor the league’s top bowlers in this article and examine the list of IPL Purple cap winners List: from 2008 to 2024

Here is the list of IPL Purple Cap Winners List: From 2008 to 2024:


IPL Purple Cap Winner 2008 – Sohail Tanvir:

The 2008 Indian Premier League season was a season of underdogs. Nobody predicted the youthful Rajasthan Royals, captained by the great Shane Warne, would go on to win the tournament by defeating MS Dhoni’s CSK, who was regarded as the greatest team in the competition. Remarkably, players from the Pakistan Team were just permitted to compete in the Indian Premier League in 2008. Sohail Tanvir, the left-arm spearhead who headed the Rajasthan Royals’ bowling attack, was a member of this underdog team.

In addition to becoming the IPL’s leading wicket taker in 2008, Sohail Tanvir created history that year when he won the Purple Cap in the league’s first season. In just 11 games, he claimed 22 wickets at an outstanding economy rate of 6.46. In just four overs, he claimed six wickets for just 14 runs, which was his greatest bowling performance against the Chennai Super Kings.

Wickets: 22
Matches: 11
Economy Rate: 6.46
Best Bowling: 6/14


IPL Purple Cap Winner 2009 – RP Singh:

The Deccan Chargers won the 2009 IPL Trophy by defeating the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the championship game of that season. While playing for the Deccan Chargers in the 2009 Indian Premier League, fast bowler RP Singh took home the Purple Cap. With 23 wickets in 16 matches, he grabbed the most wickets in the IPL in 2009 and was instrumental in his team’s tournament success. A terrific left-arm bowler, RP Singh was particularly well-known for his deadly swinging deliveries with the new leather ball during powerplay overs. His outstanding 4-wicket haul in the championship game against the Royal Challengers Bangalore was his finest bowling effort.

Wickets: 23
Matches: 16
Economy Rate: 6.98
Best Bowling: 4/22


IPL Purple Cap holder 2010 – Pragyan Ojha:

Pragyan Ojha, a left arm off spinner, was the Deccan Chargers’ mainstay as they remained among the top teams in the league. By taking the most wickets in the 2010 IPL—21 in 16 matches at an economy rate of 7.29—Pragyan earned the IPL Purple Cap. His best bowling average against the Mumbai Indians was 3/26.

Wickets: 21
Matches: 16
Economy Rate: 7.29
Best Bowling: 3/26


IPL Purple Cap Winner in 2011 – Lasith Malinga:

Due to his proficiency with lethal yorkers, Lasith Malinga of the Mumbai Indians was dubbed the “Yorker King” and went on to win the 2011 IPL Purple Cap. With 28 wickets in 16 matches, including a 5-wicket haul, at an incredible bowling economy of 5.95, he amassed the most wickets in the 2011 Indian Premier League.

Wickets: 28
Matches: 16
Economy Rate: 5.95
Best Bowling: 5/13


IPL Purple Cap winner in 2012 – Morne Morkel:

Morne Morkel of the Delhi Daredevils (now the Delhi Capitals) earned the 2012 IPL Purple Cap after displaying excellent express fast bowling during the season. Morkel’s rapid pace and ability to extract bounce off the cricket pitch allowed him to pick up 25 wickets in 16 matches, the most in the 2012 Indian Premier League. His average was 18.12 and his economy rate was 7.19. Due to his propensity to give vital breakthroughs during powerplays and death overs, he was a vital element of the DD team.

Wickets: 25
Matches: 16
Economy Rate: 7.19
Best Bowling: 4/20


IPL Purple Cap winner in 2013 – Dwayne Bravo:

One of the best all-around players to compete in the IPL was Dwayne Bravo. Although he was excellent at bat every time, the Chennai Super Kings and he were most successful when he bowled. Dwayne Bravo won the 2013 IPL Purple Cap thanks to his rapid bowling variations and deceptive bowling. Bravo became the first bowler to take 30 wickets in a single season after taking 32 wickets in 18 matches, the most in the 2013 IPL. Bravo was a key player in CSK’s run to the final, which they ultimately lost to Mumbai Indians, with an average of 15.53 and an economy rate of 7.95.

Wickets: 32
Matches: 18
Economy Rate: 7.95
Best Bowling: 4/42


IPL Purple Cap winner in 2014 – Mohit Sharma:

2014 saw Chennai Super Kings’ Mohit Sharma win the IPL Purple Cap. Mohit Sharma had the most wickets in the 2014 Indian Premier League with 23 in 16 matches thanks to his amazing ability to bowl tight lines and create movement off the ground. Even with an economy rate of 8.39, which was marginally higher, Sharma’s ability to take wickets at critical times was vital to CSK’s victory.

Wickets: 23
Matches: 16
Economy Rate: 8.39
Best Bowling: 4/14

IPL Purple Cap Holder 2015 – Dwayne Bravo:

In 2015, Dwayne Bravo won the IPL Purple Cap while playing for the Chennai Super Kings, showcasing his bowling prowess once more. Bravo was the biggest wicket taker in the 2015 Indian Premier League, taking 26 wickets in 17 matches, thanks to his combination of yorkers and slower balls that confused batters.

Wickets: 26
Matches: 17
Economy Rate: 8.14
Best Bowling: 3/22

 IPL Purple Cap Winner 2016– Bhuvneshwar Kumar:

During the 2016 Indian Premier League season, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who played for Sunrisers Hyderabad, won the Purple Cap. With his swing bowling talent and ability to deliver good yorkers in the dying stages of a match, Kumar amassed the most wickets in the 2016 Indian Premier League with 23 in 17 matches. With an economy rate of 7.42 and an average of 21.30, Kumar was a key player in SRH’s run for the championship.

Wickets: 23
Matches: 17
Economy Rate: 7.42
Best Bowling: 4/29


IPL Purple Cap winner 2017 – Bhuvneshwar Kumar:

In the 2017 Indian Premier League, Bhuvneshwar Kumar carried on with his Purple Cap run. Having grabbed 26 wickets in just 14 matches, Kumar shown his consistency both with the new ball and in the dying stages of the game. Kumar became the most successful fast bowler in the Indian Premier League with an economy rate of 7.05 and an amazing average of 14.19.

Wickets: 26
Matches: 14
Economy Rate: 7.05
Best Bowling: 5/19


IPL Purple Cap Winner 2018 – Andrew Tye:

Andrew Tye of the Punjab Kings took home the IPL Purple Cap for the 2018 campaign. Andrew was an excellent bowler who won the most wickets in the 2018 Indian Premier League with 24 wickets in 14 league games because to his variety of bowling styles and death bowling.

Wickets: 24
Matches: 14
Economy Rate: 8.00
Best Bowling: 5/17

IPL  Purple Cap Winner 2019 – Imran Tahir:

During the 2019 Indian Premier League, Imran Tahir of the Chennai Super Kings was the most impressive player and the Purple Cap winner. The experienced leg-spinner from South Africa took 26 wickets at an economy rate of 6.69 and an average of 16.57 in 17 games. He led CSK to the championship game and finished as the IPL’s top wicket taker in 2019.

Wickets: 26
Matches: 17
Economy Rate: 6.69
Best Bowling: 4/12


IPL Purple Cap Winner 2020 – Kagiso Rabada:

The 2020 IPL season’s top wicket-taker was Delhi Capitals player Kagiso Rabada. Rabada won the IPL Purple Cap in 2020 thanks to his raw pace and deadly yorker bowling, which helped him take 30 wickets in 17 matches. After Dwayne Bravo in 2013, he became the second bowler to take 30 wickets in an IPL season.

Wickets: 30
Matches: 17
Economy Rate: 8.34
Best Bowling: 4/24


IPL Purple Cap  Winner 2021 – Harshal Patel:

As the first bowler from the Royal Challengers Bangalore team to win the Purple Cap in the 2021 Indian Premier League, Harshal Patel created history. Reaching parity with Dwayne Bravo for the most wickets taken in an IPL season, he took 32 wickets in just 15 games. In the league stage, his slower balls and death over bowling proved to be quite beneficial to RCB, as they finished fourth in the points standings. During a match against Mumbai, he scored his best numbers of 5 for 27, which made his performance exceptional.

Wickets: 32
Matches: 15
Economy Rate: 8.14
Best Bowling: 5/27


IPL Purple Cap  Winner 2022 – Yuzvendra Chahal:

In the 2022 Indian Premier League, Yuzvendra Chahal became the second player from the Rajasthan Royals to win the Purple Cap. In the IPL, he has taken the most wickets ever—27 in 17 matches in 2022, however that was still his best year. with an economy rate of 7.75 and an average of 19.51. Rajasthan made it to the final thanks in large part to Chahal, who led RR’s bowling attack. IPL Purple Cap Winners List: From 2008 to 2024

Wickets: 27
Matches: 17
Economy Rate: 7.75
Best Bowling: 5/40


IPL Purple Cap  Winner 2023 – Mohammad Shami:

The top fast bowler for the Indian cricket team, Mohammed Shami, was awarded the purple cap for the 2023 IPL when he was a member of the Gujarat Titans IPL team. With 28 wickets at an average of 18.64, he was the best wicket taker in the 2023 Indian Premier League and was a big factor in the Gujarat Titans’ run to the finals. With 17 wickets, he also broke the record for most wickets in a powerplay.

Wickets: 28
Matches: 17
Economy Rate: 8.03
Best Bowling: 4/11

IPL Purple Cap  Winner 2024 – Harshal Patel:

With an incredible 24 wickets in just 14 matches, Harshal Patel triumphed and took the top rank! Jasprit Bumrah was not far behind with 20 wickets in 13 matches, but economy rates were what made the difference. Harshal Patel ultimately won the coveted Purple Cap thanks to his outstanding haul.  there is the IPL Purple Cap Winners List: From 2008 to 2024

Wickets: 24
Matches: 14
Economy Rate: 9.73
Best Bowling: 3/15


1. Who is the purple cap in the IPL 2024 winner?

Harshal Patel of Punjab Kings with 24 wickets was the winner of the Purple Cap in IPL 2024. With 21 wickets, Varun Chakaravarthy of Kolkata Knight Riders is in the second position, followed by Jasprit Bumrah of Mumbai Indians in the third spot with 20 scalps. Here is the list of IPL Purple Cap Winners List: From 2008 to 2024

2. How many times has Harshal Patel won the Purple Cap?

The only player to win the IPL Purple Cap for two separate teams is Harshal Patel. Following his 2021 RCB exploits, he amassed 24 wickets in 14 IPL 2024 matches for Punjab Kings. Imran Tahir of South Africa became the first spin bowler to win the Purple Cap in 2019 after Pragyan Ojha.

3. Who won the Orange Cap in IPL 2024?

Virat Kohli wins Orange Cap in IPL 2024, becomes first Indian to secure honour twice.


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