Rohti Sharma and Hardik Pandya Mumbai Indians PlayersRohti Sharma and Hardik Pandya Mumbai Indians Players : Pic Credit Goolge

Indians in Mumbai are in disarray. Once more. Although they have never been the best starters, something seems strangely off this year. It’s not been easy for Hardik Pandya to lead. The all-rounder seems to be everywhere, regardless of the result of games or animosity from the crowd. Prior to winning the title in 2015, MI lost their first four games of the season. The year before, they lost their first six games in a row before making it to the playoffs. MI has had worse starts in the past. However, that was during Rohit Sharma’s captaincy. With Hardik Pandya leading the way and absolutely no backing from the crowd, MI have a difficult journey ahead of them.

After losing their last three games, MI will take a six-day break before playing Royal Challengers Bengaluru at the Wankhede on April 7. Manoj Tiwary anticipates that the team will have to make the difficult decision to reappoint Rohit as captain in the interim. The former Indian batter made his prediction because he thought Hardik was obviously undercutting. Even though he seems happy, the fact that he didn’t bowl at all against the Rajasthan Royals suggests that his happiness is only superficial.


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