Following Sunil Gavaskar's tirade, World Cup victor fires back at Virat Kohli for joking about the strike-rate in the IPL 2024.


The dynamic between Virat Kohli and Sunil Gavaskar appears to have changed. Indian veteran Sunil Gavaskar quickly responded to Kohli’s “to sit and speak from the box” statement, which had been directed towards him because to his sluggish strike rate, by saying, “we don’t have agendas.” Now, a second former cricket player—notably from the team that won the World Cup—has added his thoughts to the continuing discussion. Supporting the former Indian cricket player, Balwinder Singh Sandhu, who participated in India’s 1983 World Cup campaign, said that the player receiving criticism “must take it as constructive feedback.”

“A player receiving criticism from a top cricket player in the commentary box who makes factually accurate remarks should view it as helpful criticism and work to enhance their performance to meet the criticism. Rather, regardless of whether the remarks are factually accurate, personal, or issue-based, players frequently respond to preserve their fan base and reputation, Sandhu wrote in his column for The Midday.


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